GitHub Integrated Project Management Started

Quick update: We had been discussing starting with a project management system for NorKorr. I’ve started today by creating two so-called “projects” in the repository, one dedicated to the upcoming conference of the Digital Humanities in the Nordic Countries in March 2019 in Copenhagen DHN2019 and one handling the Phase I tasks that are roughly outlined in the project description.

This is still pretty much a testing phase for project management. I have never actively used project management tools before and will give this a try. It is also my first time as a project lead of a project that involves more than two people. We shall see whether this works in our favor and if it generally supports the progress and tasks in NorKorr.

For the time being, I recommend the team members check the status of the projects regularly and file issues with specific tasks that can be integrated into the project board. And since it’s smart, it’ll move to “Done” automatically when the “Issue” is resolved!

Keep the good work going!

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