Kitty L. Kielland’s Correspondence in CorrespSearch

The latest addition to the NorKorr corpus is the correspondence of Kitty L. Kielland and Arne Garborg.

The Norwegian painter Kitty L. Kielland (1843–1914) and the Norwegian writer Arne Garborg (1851–1924) first met in Paris in 1885. The letters between them give a unique insight into a lifelong friendship. They wrote letters to each other regularly, at least until Kielland late in life became too ill. Unfortunately, many are not preserved, especially in the case of Kielland’s letters from the 1890s. The exchange of letters presented in the digital edition (Kitty L. Kielland og Arne Garborg. Brevveksling 1885–1906. Edited by Anne Melgård, National Library of Norway, 2018) is from the years 1885–1906, a total of 48 fragments/letters/drafts.

The correspondence has been included in the CorrespSearch web service. The CMIF file we sent to CorrespSearch was made using metadata already stored in the XML file (TEI P5) containing the digital edition.

Arne Garborg to Kitty L. Kielland, 14. mars 1888, Brevs. 12
Kitty L. Kielland to Arne Garborg, undated, Ms.4° 4318:A


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