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The NorKorr-team has been collecting publications about Norwegian letters, letter writing as a cultural practice, letter collections, editions of letters as well as articles and guidelines on how to scholarly edit and encode letters, postcards, telegrams, etc. in a Zotero group library.

As of today, NorKorr has released the collaborative library for public view. You can access the library here: https://www.zotero.org/groups/2214573/norkorr/library.

We are open for collaboration, which means if you are working on Norwegian correspondences or letters or a related subject and you want to make full use of our library (e.g. the collected pdfs, links, and other materials in full text), you can join the group. You will need a Zotero user profile for this (you can get one here, it doesn’t cost anything and Zotero takes good care of your data).

If you are using the resources in the NorKorr group library, we would appreciate if you credit us:

Norwegian Correspondences Bibliography. Ed. by Annika Rockenberger, Ellen N. Wiger, Hilde Bøe, Philipp Conzett, Mette Witting, Nina Evensen and Ruth Sander. Oslo 2018–. URL: https://www.zotero.org/groups/2214573/norkorr.

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